FF Redeem Code for FF Reward 2024

FF Redeem Code

Free Fire redeem code, is also called Free Fire Redeem code has 12 or 16 characters code, including of English capital latters and numbers.

FF Redeem Code Example:

  • 1Y5U3V7WX9Y24Z6A
  • 8B37KHD6R8W5L7R4
  • 8M6U3HK4V24C8B9X


Garena Free Fire offers daily (Today) and occasional redeem codes for its players to gain exclusive ff reward and enhance their gaming experience.


FF Redeem Site

Garena Free Fire launched separate platforme for ff reward redemption. If you have any ff redeem code, you can use it to get Free Fire reward in vault game lobby.

FF Redeem Code


How to redeem code in Free Fire?

Here is a step by step guide to redeem Free Fire Max codes.

  • 1. Open your browser (Chrome) and go to the official free fire reward redemption site https://reward.ff.garena.com for FF Max.
  • 2. Than, sign in your ff account using Faccebook, Twiter, Google or VK ID.
  • 3. Than, copy and paste your ff redeem code into specified text box area on the website.
  • 4. After all these, click “Confirm” button to proceed with the redemption process.
  • 5. Your reward will be sent to your in-game main box, with gold or diamonds or game items added to your account wallet.

** Please contact FF customer service in you faced any issue when doing redemption.


FF Redeem Code Today 2024

Here are some Free Fire Redeem code for Today:

  • W8F4V1D9R2G5N7M3
  • Z6N9V3F7D1R5M8T2
  • T7F2R9D5V1N6M3T8
  • E5R9V3F2D7N1M6T4
  • P6F3D9R1V5N7M2T8
  • M3D8V1F6R9N2M5T7
  • X2F9V5D1R3N7M4T8
  • J9F2R4D5V1N6M7T3
  • S4D9F3V1R6N2M5T7
  • C5D9F2R1V6N7M4T8
  • Y9R3F5D1V7N2M6T4
  • B7D9V2F6R1N4M5T8
  • Z6N9V3F7D1R5M8T2
  • T7F2R9D5V1N6M4T8


** Please note redemption expiration date. Any expired codes can’t be redeemed.


Last thing, you will not be able to free fire reward redeem with your guest account. You must bind your guest account to FB or VK etc. in receive rewards.